Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Backyard views

So, I mentioned in our list of projects that we have some work we'd like to do in the yard. Then, I realized that we'd never taken any pictures of the backyard!
Out the back sliding door, looking left.
 Our yard encompasses most of what you see in the above picture, but since we're on a cul-de-sac, our yard is wedge shaped, so draw an imaginary line in the center of the fence corner.

Out the back sliding door, looking right.
 Our yard extends to approximately the utility pole in the picture.

Back view of the dilapidated shed.

Front view of the dilapidated shed. That door goes into the garage.
Once the yard isn't a muddy mess and it's a little bit warmer, we plan to take down the shed. One of the front doors is missing and it's not installed very well. If we eventually need more storage, we'll put in a better shed.

(And yes, the previous owners were kind enough to leave us a wheelbarrow, two shovels, a plastic table and 4 plastic chairs, a hose and hose reel, a ladder, and a little grill. We didn't ask them to leave those things, but we've found them outside around the edges of the house!)

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