Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beginning with a closing

December 27, 2011: The day we became homeowners!

When we first put our offer on the house (a mere hours after seeing it in person for the first time), we were set to close on December 26. Our offer was submitted shortly before Thanksgiving, which meant that we'd be closing right after Christmas. Because of holiday hours, we knew that we didn't have a lot of time to get everything together, and as our closing date got closer, we found out that the title company would not be open on the 26th, thus pushing back our closing by a day.

We weren't scheduled to get the keys until the 29th anyway (the sellers wanted a few extra days to get their stuff moved and clean the house), but when we did our final walk-through on the 27th, everything was out and the house was somewhat clean! Our realtor called the other realtor on the way to the closing. We could get the keys at the closing!!

Merry Christmas to us!

And so begins our adventure in homeownership. We're hoping to chronicle our adventures on this blog, so subscribe and check back regularly!

Let the projects begin...
Home Sweet Howard

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