Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend warriors

So, this marked weekend #4 of working on the house. And no, we still don't live there quite yet. We're getting so much closer, though!

(Pardon the lack of pictures in this post - a lot of the projects we worked on were low-impact but high frustration this weekend.)

We thought some of this weekend's projects would be easy. Ha! Boy, were we proven wrong!

It was a busy week in the Howard house, so we got a leisurely start on Saturday morning. The plan was to work on a few small projects. My brother was going to come over to clean the carpets and the cable installation was supposed to happen in the afternoon.

Our washer and dryer were delivered on Friday afternoon. The laundry area is a really small space, made even smaller by the fact that there are 2 doors in the space: one into the garage and one into the house. We had discussed switching the orientation of the door from the house to the laundry area, which made even more sense after the washer and dryer were delivered.

Who knew it would be so difficult to get the cuts right to install the hinges?! We worked on that project for probably about 4 hours... and still aren't quite done! Maybe there's a certain tool or template or something that we didn't have, but there was a whole lot of routering, sanding, chiselling, sanding, measuring, remeasuring, screwing in the hinge, unscrewing the hinge, sanding, chiselling, screwing in the hinge again, unscrewing the hinge again.... you get the picture. We still have to put the stop back in (after pulling out the staples that were used to install them in the first place...), but at least we're happy with the new orientation of the door!

Jared cut the caulking away from the stove (??) to pull the stove back from the wall to clean the backsplash better. What we found (and probably what they were trying to hide by sealing the stove to the countertop) was that the unit was just hardwired into the wall. No plug, no box, just wires. Awesome.

Cable install took 2+ hours. We had brought over our old TV to make sure the cable would work. The TV wouldn't even turn on. But we now have cable and internet at the house. And they both work. Step in the right direction!

Carpets were cleaned, and my brother was able to get the mysterious dark footprints out of the carpet in the 3rd bedroom!

Our full bath didn't have any electrical outlets in it at all, so Jared read up on electrical plug installation and started to tackle that project. Several hours, and lots of frustration later, we still don't have an electrical plug in the bathroom. But we do have a few holes in the walls.... more on that later!

I'll try to get over there to snap some pictures this week. Saturday is the planned moving day, so I'm sure we'll have some updates about that!

How have you been spending your weekends? Any other weekend warriors out there? Worked on any high-frustration, low-impact projects lately?

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