Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wallpaper is the devil

We only had 2 walls with wallpaper on them, so we figured, "No big deal!" We'd strip the layer and then we'd be able to start painting.


Under that first layer of wallpaper was another layer of wallpaper.

Who wallpapers over wallpaper?!
It took about 8 total hours and the help of my parents to get all of the wallpaper off the walls. The industrial wallpaper removal goop didn't work. Thank goodness for a trick from a Twitter acquaintance: fabric softener and warm water did the trick!

What other secrets will our house reveal this week...


  1. My parents had to wallpaper over wallpaper in our living room. The people who built the house never primed the sheetrock before putting in the wallpaper, & we tried every steam, chemical, & shear elbow sweat way of trying to pry it off. We eventually sealed the seams of the original wallpaper, painted it the same color as the new wallpaper so it wouldn't show through, & put up the new wallpaper. This was when I was in high school, & it still looks brand new.

  2. I guess that makes sense. We were at least lucky, then, that the sheetrock had been painted prior to hanging the paper! Thanks for reading! :)