Monday, January 9, 2012

Painting, painting, painting some more

We spent most of the weekend at the house painting. I'm thankful that my parents offered to help.

Friday night we taped, spackled, sanded, caulked, and drop-clothed.

Saturday morning started out with breakfast at the Skillet (because we needed a hearty breakfast) and then we started the painting party. Jared and I started priming the wall with paneling while my parents started on the ceiling. Luckily only the paneled wall and the two walls we stripped wallpaper from needed primed because that stuff was SMELLY!

(Note: I tried taking "during" pictures, but my phone camera did not cooperate, so they disappeared into nowhere. Oh well.)

Surprisingly, the zero-VOC Olympic paint at Lowe's was the cheapest, so we went with that! If our house doesn't smell like fresh paint for weeks, I'm quite happy with that! (In case you're curious, the color we chose was called Astral.)

Enough talk, on with the pictures!

(Yes, the angle is different and one is at night and the other during the day, but really, the difference is quite remarkable! The room feels a lot lighter now.)

Since the floor plan is so open, we decided to paint all of the walls the same color. We plan to add some sort of accent to the non-window wall in the dining area, but we're not completely sure yet what it will be: stripes, tone-on-tone stencil, chair-rail with a different color above or below...
Pardon the ladder!

We also painted the hallway back to the bedrooms in an off-white, but since they were already off-white, the before and after isn't quite as exciting.

The plan for this weekend is to paint the three bedrooms. It's amazing what a difference some paint can make!


  1. love the color! Of course you all would have to start at the skillet, a hearty breakfast is always needed. Was there a Friday night dinner before hand or no?

  2. No Friday night dinner this past week. Your parents were busy with something and we were prepping to paint. But probably this week!

    1. you should have had Friday night dinner with painting, for every 10 strokes you take with the paint brush you can take 3 bites of food.