Friday, January 6, 2012

Projects, projects, projects

I'm sure any home owner, if asked, would be able to rattle off a list of projects that need to be done around the house. We haven't even moved in yet and have already amassed a large (and growing) list. Here are some of our upcoming projects (in no particular order):
  • Add insulation to the attic
  • Insulate the area above the garage
  • Install pull-down attic access to garage
  • Add electrical outlets in the garage
  • Add electrical outlets in the bathroom
  • Paint the main living space
  • Paint the bedrooms
  • Clean the carpets in the bedrooms
  • Decide on window treatments for the bedrooms
  • Decide on window treatments for the living areas
  • Install solar tube in the kitchen
  • Install pendant lights in the kitchen
  • Replace thermostat with programmable one
  • Install dryer vent
  • Fix bathroom vents so they vent outside instead of into the attic
  • Paint the kitchen cabinets
  • Replace kitchen cabinet hardware
  • Fix the attic vent on the roof
  • Replace one portion of the roof (because of badly installed attic vent)
  • Build a compost bin
  • Regrade several parts of the yard
  • Replace concrete patio
  • Install fence
  • Upgrade electrical box and service
  • Install ceiling lights in the bedrooms
  • Make seat cushions for the bay windows
  • Replace all of the outlet covers
  • Switch the direction the laundry room door opens
  • Build in bookshelves
  • Create desk/office space
  • Fix master bedroom closet
  • Remove and replace closet doors in all of the bedrooms
  • Create chunky floor mirror from one of the mirrored closet doors in master bedroom
  • Paint the bathrooms
  • Build some garden boxes in the backyard
  • Paint the mailbox post
  • Remove the bush at the end of the driveway
  • Take down the dilapidated metal storage shed on the side of the house
  • Come up with a firewood storage system
  • Caulk around the windows outside
  • Replace one section of soffit
  • Repaint wood around the garage and around windows
  • Replace floors in living area so they are consistent throughout the house
Think that should keep us busy for a while? I certainly do!


  1. Wow! How many of these are you planning to do this weekend? ;)

  2. Just painting the living areas this weekend. And maybe the master bedroom, if we have time. :)

  3. Whoa! Lots of projects on deck for the Howard family. Awesome! I follow lots of home decor and renovation blogs if you're ever looking for inspiration. Of course, there's always Pinterest too. :)

  4. I have quite a few home & renovation blogs on my reader, too! While I don't think blogging will become my full-time gig (like, it's fun to keep track of our progress. And I have been pinning SO many ideas on Pinterest! Thanks for reading, Becca!

  5. Good Luck!! Where did you guys buy a house?


    for the solar tube. I want to put one in too, there is a video online somewhere that makes it look SUPER easy.

    are you going to take lots of before and after pictures? I hope so!!!

  7. Sarah, I'm so excited to read your blog and watch your projects. Congrats on the house! I'm pretty jealous. (oh, this is Marti Isom by the way.)